by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Here’s a recent headline “Republicans moved forward on health care reform”.

True or false?

The fact is that the Republicans are working overtime to ‘repeal’ ObamaCare.

Another fact is that there is nothing in process which will ‘replace’ ObamaCare.

President Donald Trump promised ‘affordable’ health care insurance for all Americans.

The Republican-dominated Senate failed to get their ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ started. The vote failed, thus putting an end to any ‘replacement’.

Apparently the Republicans intend to leave Americans who have an ‘existing condition’ out of their ‘Better Care’ plan.

Protesters chanted, “Kill the bill; Don’t kill us.”

But the majority including Senator Rand Paul said, “If this is indeed the plan, I will vote to proceed and I will vote for any all measures that are clean repeal”.

President Donald Trump said; “We move forward with truly great health care for the American people.”

He didn’t add “for those who can afford it.”

Senator Ted Cruz wants insurance plans that provide less protection for really sick people.”

Low-income people might lose Medicaid coverage.

The repeal would end Medicaid’s needed expansion.

While all this is going on the feeble Democrats are holding rallies, meeting people, including children, who depend on ObamaCare coverage, but they have no plan either.

Trump said: “I’m Extremely Happy with Senate Health Care Vote.”

But the Republicans plan will leave over 26 million Americans, adults and children uninsured, premiums will increase, and most Insurance Companies will quit the Health Care Insurance Business (Except for the Politicians and their Tax-Payer subsidized Government employees).

Of course this would violate the Republican promises to lower premiums and increase competition.

Is it ‘Fake News’ to over-look the fact that the uninsured will do as they have done for decades Ð go to the nearest Emergency Room at a probable cost of at least $225 Billion?

Some people say that they shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to take out Health Care Insurance.

But Banks ‘force’ you to get Home-Owners Insurance. You can’t license your car without Auto-Insurance. Social Security Insurance is mandatory, isn’t it?

As I See It all insurance should be mandatory.

Why should I pay when you wreck your car?

Why should I pay when your house burns down or disappears into a sink hole?

Why should I pay $30,000 every time you go to the ER for no good reason?

-Donald Trump is now seeing that getting elected President of the United States of America does not give him the power and authority which he anticipated.

The Texas Senator called for “co-operation between the two parties – Well, that’s exactly what he got.

Democrats and Republicans combined by a vote of 419 to 3 to show Trump that, in America, a President is not an Emperor . . .

They voted to prohibit President Donald Trump from dealing with Russia as he sees fit. Anything he does will require permission from Congress.

Of course Trump doesn’t have to sign it, but the establishment ensured that they have a veto-proof majority.

The “RATS” have re-emerged. (Republicans-Against-Trump).

As always thanks for all the texts, phone calls and messages but, email is better  =

’til next time

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