Dear editor:

The top of my head is exploded as I write this letter. Why???

There are tons and tons of ads for hearing aids everywhere, in the newspapers, in the mail, on TV. They are so prolific, you cannot miss them.

While visiting a friend in rehab, the subject of hearing aids came up. She said her hearing aids cost $6500. That was  the first of the top blowing incidents. They were not working well, and she would probably have to buy new ones. That astounded me.

Decided to see what it cost to make hearing aids. Second top blowing. Went on the net to: http://www. Take a guess.

The median price is $150. RANGE $50 TO $200.

Why such high prices? They claim it is repair, and cleaning. Is this justified in your mind, and pocketbook? Yet, just to look at her hearing aids, and did nothing, they charged another friend $100.

Now I understand the avalanche of providers. Quick profits attract legions of sellers.

Maybe if we become educated consumers, we can protest, and call them on such sky high prices. I will not pay $6500 if I need hearing aids. If you are vulnerable, you get stung the most. FAIR?????????

D.I. Larson

Ocala, Fl


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