By A.J.(Tony) Powell

What is the answer to this question? “Who has the “right-to-exist”?

History shows that creating a “Country” is a murderous, violent, ruthless process.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that many countries in the so-called ‘Old World/Europe’ are a lot younger than the ‘good-old-USA’ in 1776.

For example-Austria in 1804; Romania in 1887; Italy in 1861; Greece in 1830; Finland in 1917 and many other across the world because, “we killed them – before they killed us!”

Usually, a new country is dominated by an ethnic, political or racial majority. But sometimes, as with Australia, New Zealand and most of the ‘new-world’ a powerful minority, invades, overpowers and exterminates the native majority.

As happened in the Americas where the local population was decimated to the extent that they were no longer ‘relevant’ to the lives or prosperity of the ‘dominators’.

This is how the world has worked since the origin of humankind.

Isn’t it true that ‘your country’ is only ‘yours’ as long as you are able to defend it?

It’s increasingly popular these days, for our ‘intellectuals’ to reject reality and promote ‘open borders’, uncontrolled immigration, and free trade.

Recently I heard someone from India say that ‘Immigration is one of his ‘human rights’. He asked, “Why shouldn’t he and his people move to a successful and prosperous country if they want to?”

The British people are embroiled in the BREXIT controversy. Regardless of what the politicians claim, and the media report, the main issue is ‘uncontrolled immigration’.

Does ‘Britain, i.e. the existing British citizenry, have the right to preserve their country and their way-of-life, against an uninvited ‘invasion’?

Now, we are having the same conversation in the USA.

As I see it, America is, and should be, a safe and secure haven for Americans. That doesn’t prohibit contributing, legal immigrants from sharing the American Dream.

But while America can fight an armed invasion like ISIS, or North Korea or even Russia, it seems that we are defenseless against the millions of invading boat-people and fence climbers.

Is it reasonable to fear that they ‘messed up’ their own countries and they will do the same here?

When questioned about a behavior which is incompatible with American values, they say, “This is normal in our culture”.

Should Americans be forced to change to accommodate foreign, alien cultures, or should those cultures adapt to America?

As I see it, immigrants need to accept America, and America will accept them.

What is the answer? “Do Americans have the right to exist?”

’til next time. . . . .


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