Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Make American (Industry) Great Again!

President Trump said he had visited laid-off factory workers and “communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals.”

Trump blamed ‘regulations and taxes’.

He promised that he’d get Americans back to work, building highways, bridges, airports and railways.

Well – we’re still waiting.

It’s a fact that American industry has all but closed down. Ford factories, the National Gypsum Plant, Johnson metals, assembly plants, shipyards, agriculture, farming – all gone.

Industrial towns across the country which once turned natural resources into economic wealth are gone.

Of course the ‘media’ mostly TV, parrots the same lies over and over again until even those millions of laid off workers believe that foreign countries are, in some way, to blame for our problems.

Here are a few untruths which no-one questions:-

-Advancements in automation and the expansion of the global economy and trade caused the problem.

-International market forces are out of their control.

-Low energy prices, caused a surplus of gas and oil in the market.

-Foreign countries are dumping cheap products in America.

-“The threat is real – from foreign steel.”

-“Foreign governments are subsidizing their companies and selling so cheap we can’t keep up.”

-They even complain about countries like Australia, Brazil, Britain, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Mexico and even Turkey.

As I See It, we are all entitled to an opinion – whether it be good, bad or ugly!

But the ‘media’ – The ‘free press’ is different – or should be!

The ‘truth’ is that nobody is ‘dumping’ anything on America.

Who do you think makes these decisions?

-American steel and automotive industries ‘outsource’ for cheaper products.

-American timber industry imports lumber from anyplace in the world which is cheaper than the USA.

-Farming and agriculture has been decimated by cheap imports.

-Even back in the ‘Bush-League’ years, the government was saying they were “taking all necessary steps to prevent foreign dumping and they would ‘take steps’ to stop this from occurring.”

-People say, “No matter who you put in Washington, the same thing still happens.”

So what is the truth?

-Isn’t is obvious that, wherever there’s a ‘seller’, there has to be a buyer?

-Regardless of the world-wide power of the USA, we can’t, and shouldn’t control the actions of independent foreign countries.

-But the ruthless, greedy, selfish, short-sighted “1%” who, as I see it, are destroying America, need to be identified and publicized by the media.

If you lost your job, it’s because a treacherous fellow American realized that, he and his cronies could make a few more million dollars for themselves by “buying cheap and shoddy” instead of paying for American quality.

In future, whenever you are told that another US Company is moving overseas, why not ask “Well, who’s the guy in charge?”

“A stranger might shoot you in the back, but a friend will stab you in the heart!”

’til next time. . . .



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