By A.J.(Tony) Powell.


Are you tired of all the ranting broadcasters, TV personalities and ‘reader letters’ which are dominated by a lot of heat but very little light?

The Democrats, under President Obama, tried and failed to come up with a workable Health Care Plan.

Now, Trump admits that he can’t do as he promised – Lower premiums and Full Coverage for all.

Why do working tax-payers have to subsidize politicians and government workers? Why do we need Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and so many other Government run fiascoes?

Why are our veterans pushed off into over-crowded, second-rate facilities often many miles from where they live? Our military should have a ‘Front-Door-Pass’ to the best medical facility they can find.

Trumps Republican opponents in the House & Senate have failed to pass their ‘Robbing Hoods’ plan.

(As I’m sure you know ‘Robin Hood’ stole from the rich, to help the poor. I don’t have to expand on ‘Robbing Hoods’ – Do I?)

The Republicans figured out that, without adequate health care, millions of old, poor and sick Americans will die off quicker – thus saving the health insurance industry hundreds of millions of dollars, which they can then pass on to the super-rich by way of tax cuts.

Warren Buffet said that “Health Care in 1960 was 5 percent of GDP”. (Whatever that is!) But now its up to about 17 percent. So we are paying out a whole lot more and getting a whole lot less!

At the same time Corporate Taxes have gone down from 4 percent to 2 percent.(The rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer).

My question on ‘Health Care’ is simple “Is anyone in America happy with their Health Care/Insurance Program?”

Municipal, County or State politicians and employees?

Representatives and Senators in DC and their employees?

The President and White House staff?

If a Politician, regardless of party affiliation, is given any ‘air-time’ the first question asked of them has to be:-

Q1)-“(Senator) tell us about your Health Care Plan.”

Q2)-“So you’re admitting that, in fact, you have ‘Tax-Payer-subsidized Health Insurance for you and your whole family?”

My understanding of insurance and “spreading-the-risk” is that “More-Is-Better”.

As I See It, 300 million outraged Americans need to demand fairness and equality. “(Senator) I’ll take the same health care plan that you’ve got”.

’til next time . . .

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