by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Who said “Restricting immigration is offensive, and contrary to American values”? Most media outlets label anyone who disagrees with them a ‘xenophobic’.

So, just because I disagree with you, I have a ‘phobia?’

Fact is that the law says “An alien is inadmissible if they are “likely to become a public charge”.

Doesn’t that mean that it’s ‘legal’ to stop the current invasion of the United States? Of course the argument is not new. It was way back in 1790 that James Madison said something like, “Legal immigration is intended to ‘increase the population’, but only if they add to the strength and wealth of America”. He said, “America should welcome the immigrant who can assimilate, but exclude the immigrant who doesn’t ‘fit in”

The (Legal) population of the United States of America includes just about every color and culture found anywhere in the world. So any ‘legal’ immigrant can ‘fit in’ if they have the determination to become acceptably ‘Americanized’.

First President, George Washington said that “Immigrants should be absorbed into American life so that “by an inter-mixture with our people they get assimilated to our customs and, laws”.

Alexander Hamilton said, “Permitting an uncontrolled invasion of unknown and even hostile immigrants will, in time, create ‘great public danger’ putting the interests of their ‘home country’ ahead of America.  And he warned against “Admitting foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizenship the moment they put foot in our country”.

Not much has changed in the hundreds of years since. Trump and his supporters say “America First”. But I say, “AMERICANS FIRST”. There is a difference! By law, immigrants don’t have a constitutional right or civil right to demand entry to the United States. And, how does it help ordinary working Americans, to bring in hundreds of thousands of uneducated, foreigners who don’t even speak English and who can’t pay their own way?

Even today, about half of immigrant-headed households use welfare &/or other benefits paid for by working Americans. including food assistance and housing vouchers. As I see it, importing cheap labor, means hiring fewer Americans. Even at the higher pay scale, educated, qualified Americans are fired, as a result of the flood of recent the so-called H-1B visas which permits big companies to replace their current American tech workforce with cheaper immigrants. It’s regularly reported that the 90% of wealth in America is owned by a small group of the ‘Big City Elite’.

Uncontrolled immigration, steals from American workers, taking their jobs and cutting their pay. ‘Illegals’ pay less taxes and get more benefits than American workers. Some estimates claim that those ‘illegals’ cost up to $50 billion – all paid for by working Americans.

Fable tells of “Robin Hood”. But, our modern world is controlled by “Robbing Hoods” who rob the (working) poor to help the rich. The Golden Rule used to say, “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you”. But now we have “The guy with the gold rules!”

’til next time . . .



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