Is there a solution to the COVID problem?

The media, TV, magazines and newspapers are doing a great job misleading us on simple facts.

If COVID is a disease which is spread through the air by infected people, couldn’t anyone close by inhale the virus and become similarly infected?

Do we need a scientist to tell us that, transmission is less likely if both of those people are wearing a vaccinated and wearing a mask?

If we all get a shot and wear a mask, would we get back to normalcy in a few weeks?

Instead, some wear a mask and some don’t. Some get vaccinated, some don’t.

One (biased?) report said that almost 50% of Republicans nationwide, choose not to do either.

They seem to be unaware that their leaders, including former President Trump, Vice-President Pence, former Senate leader Mitch McConnell, have all been vaccinated.

Your unvaccinated wife dies from COVID and you complain that they should have saved her?

Chances are that you infected her! Of course you have your ‘rights‘, but, what a price to pay!

Is there an answer?

Why not have the COVID skeptics sign a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ style document?

If you refuse vaccine protection, then you don’t qualify for any medical care if you become infected?

The now-infamous 1-shot vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca have been suspended.

Apparently, 6 women (1 male?) were treated for blood clots after their injections.

But over year ago, way before vaccination started, doctors noticed an increase in blood-clot COVID patients.

Patients were clogging up dialysis machines and other equipment being used to keep them alive.

Specialists reported “dramatic” blood clots in the heart, liver and other organs. Autopsies of coronavirus victims in New Orleans showed their lungs were jammed with clots.

One blood clot expert said, “COVID is the most blood-clotting disease we have ever seen.“

So they have been treating COVID patients with blood thinners which reduce or even prevent. the clots way before vaccinations started.

Note that this is the COVID infection NOT the vaccine.

Fact is, blood clots are extremely common — 900,000 Americans every year. Of which about 100,000 die.

Some reports allege that vaccination dramatically reduces the risk of COVID blood clots,

But, many ordinary blood clots are never noticed.

Even a standard blood thinner will treat blood clots successfully, (Apixaban/Eliquis and Rivaroxaban/Xarelto).

And according to the American Society of Hematology, Intravenous Immune Globulin resolves the problem.

NOTE: Doctors and patients are warned not to use Heparin, because it only makes things worse).

All this is very interesting, but six women aged 18 to 50 had blood clots after their J&J COVID vaccination, out of over 20 million patients.

Is there a simpler solution? Better than wasting the supply we have and denying thousand of patients protection?

Why not tell women in that age group to use Moderna or Pfizer?

The rest of us will take all the J&J that is available.

Problem solved!

‘til next time

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