by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Math is not my thing!

It’s interesting/unfortunate to see how ‘selective’ we are when watching/reading the ‘news’!

Our newspapers, television channels, magazines, radio stations are slanted towards the right or the left- Republican or Democrat.

At the same time, we, their reader/viewers, choose to get our news from a medium which agrees with our own biased Point-Of-View. So ‘facts’ are difficult to find.

COVID 19- Where are we now? Where are we going?

Some sources report about 1.5 million infections in the United States alone since January of this year. But, of course we need to know “Is that the whole truth?”

Don’t we need to know “How many people have been tested?”

I don’t do math, but if we had one million positives out of 1.5 million tests, what would that mean for the rest of us?

Don’t we need to know how many of 330 million Americans are infected/infectious?

Doesn’t that mean that we need to test everyone?

American tax-payers have already paid out over $3 trillion in ‘government assistance’. Does that figure out to be about $9000 from everyone in the country?

But, nothing has been done, or is being done, to solve the ‘virus’ problem.

Is it that complicated?

As I See It, there only two choices-

1-Do nothing! That way the vulnerable will die off, and the survivors will be, presumably, resistant or immune.

2-Mandatory enforcement of N95 Masks and Nitrile Gloves for everyone for two or three weeks. The assumption being that, if we are all protected, simultaneously, the virus will have nowhere to go, so it will die off along with the unfortunate victims.

President Donald Trump says that he is taking hydroxychloroquine, which has been used for years for malaria He believes it prevents infection by the corona virus

Quote, “I’ve been taking it for the last week and a half. A pill every day. All I can tell you is so far I seem to be OK.”

Some doctors claim that hydroxychloroquine is not effective. Then the FDA issued a warning that it can cause heart problems.

Is doing the ‘wrong’ thing better or worse than doing nothing?

Good news (maybe) includes a new vaccine which, the manufacturers claim will produce protective antibodies, which hopefully triggers immunity to infection.

But this appears to be an example of ‘mis-reporting’ simple facts. The article said that the company was “Reducing the dosage required to produce immunity”  because this would “Help the company to produce more of the vaccine.”

Does that make sense?

If the company can produce 100 doses or 10,000 doses per day, how does patient consumption (more or less) help them produce more vaccine?

One source reports about 300,000 deaths in a world-wide population of almost 8 billion people – Is that about a .00005 fatal infection rate?

Does that mean that the rest of the 4.5 million infected people are now ‘immune’?

Reports say that COVID-19 will kill 2-3 times as many people in twelve months as will Malaria, which is recognized as one of the worlds most deadly infectious diseases.

Should we compare that to the 500 million people infected by the 1918 Spanish Flu with about 50 million deaths?

Do ‘politics’ influence the news we read?

One government scientist was ‘re-assigned’ for saying “If we fail to improve our response now, based on science, I fear the pandemic will get worse and be prolonged,”

Where are we now? What should we do?

Keep in mind that ‘testing’ only confirms that you are already infected (or not). By then the damage is done!

The answer? Seems simple to me – Wear a mask when you are around people. And insist that they do too.

Is it that difficult to put your family and friends in front of yourself?

I don’t think I am ‘infected’ – But maybe I am!

I don’t think I am ‘infectious’ – But, maybe I am!


’til next time.

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