By Tony Powell

Peace in Palestine will never happen!

The (Free) Irish have been fighting for their freedom from British occupation for a thousand years.

They don’t seem to understand Golden Rule which says “The guy with the gold rules!” and “Might Makes Right!”

Israel prefers the status quo. Seventy years of peace plans, international summits, secret negotiations, UN resolutions and state-building programs, have and will continue to fail.

The political leaders of Israel have openly stated for decades that they will never agree to a so-called  “Two-State Solution”.

Pointless ‘negotiations’ between the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and Israel’s’ Netanyahu have gone on for years.

Israel will never halt on-going construction of illegal settlements in Palestine.

The international community has supported the idea of a separate Palestinian State on the pre-1967 lines for years

The Palestinian capital would have been in East Jerusalem along with sovereignty over Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary/al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel would have had to withdraw from the West Bank and release Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinian ‘refugees’ would be offered compensation for the loss of their homes in what is now Israel.

But no ‘Right of Return”. Israel took their homes and land, and have openly declared for decades that they plan to keep it.

Most people do not realize that Israel controls which Palestinians can enter or leave the so-called ‘Occupied Territories’ and they take the West Bank’s very limited natural resources, including water, profits from managing Palestinian customs and trade.

A treaty with the Palestinians would have allowed Israel to relocate every foreign embassy to Jerusalem

More than 30 years ago, former deputy mayor of Jerusalem Meron Benvenisti observed the growing numbers of Israelis who had doubts about Zionism, “expressed in the forms of alienation, emigration of young Israelis, the emergence of racist Jews, violence in society, the widening gap between Israel and the diaspora, and a general feeling of inadequacy”.

Israel has become an apartheid state. In South Africa it was ‘whites’ against ‘blacks’. In Palestine its ‘Anglo-Jews’ against ‘Semite Moslems’.

“Apartheid” defined by the International Criminal Court as a regime of systematic oppression and domination of a racial (or religious) group with the intention of maintaining that (domination).

Some Israeli leaders have admitted that they can impose sufficient hardship on native Palestinians to drive them out. Eventually the growing number of ‘illegal’ settlements will be sufficient to annex the West Bank and maintain the Jewish majority.

Another proposal is to have the West Bank ‘absorbed’ by Jordan, and Gaza by Egypt, that way there will be no more ‘Palestinians’.

President Eisenhower threatened sanctions to get Israel to withdraw from Sinai and Gaza.

President Ford reassessed US relations with Israel, refusing to provide it with new arms deals until it agreed to a Sinai withdrawal.

President Carter threatened to terminate US military assistance if Israel did not immediately evacuate Lebanon in September 1977.

Carter said that the United States would withhold aid and downgrade relations with Israel if they did not sign his ‘Peace Agreement.’

US Secretary of State James Baker withheld a $10bn loan guarantee that Israel needed to absorb immigrant Soviet Jews.

Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan once said: “Our American friends offer us money, arms and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice.”

“Peace In Palestine?” Ask me again in a thousand years.

’til next time……

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