Q-“What is Brexit?

Q-“Who cares anyway?”

The ‘UK’ (United Kingdom) wants to leave Europe. They have ‘Great Britain’, the ‘United Kingdom’, the ‘British Isles’, ‘Britain’, England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. It’s one big mess over there.

Combine ‘Britain’ and ‘Exit’ and you get ‘BREXIT”. A while back it was Greece’ and ‘GREXIT’. England voted about 53%. Wales 52% to leave.  But both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in.

The ruling British elite oppose Brexit and are behind all the controversy we see in the media. But ordinary people want to be free of European unelected dictators. It’s ‘States Rights’ European Style.

But previous ‘Exit’ votes across Europe have either been ignored or revised into total ineffectiveness. Fox News quoted, “It’s a long, dishonest tradition. They made the Danes vote again, they made the Irish vote twice, and the French and the Dutch they just ignored,” “Europe does not take no for an answer,” they said.

What is the European Union? The European Union (EU) began after WWII-and includes 28 European countries.

But it has become a “single market” allowing goods and people to move from country to country across borders without any control.

Brexit does not need the ‘permission’ or ‘approval’ of the other 27 countries, but they would have to pay about $50 Billion to get out. One major issue is the border between Northern Ireland and the Free Republic of Ireland to the south. (England conquered Northern Ireland about a thousand years ago and both sides are still ticked off about it). But neither side wants to go back to checkpoints, towers, customs posts and surveillance cameras at the border. Europe insists on no hard border between Northern & Southern Ireland. But this would keep the whole of the UK subject to European dictates and open to uncontrolled illegal invaders.

Originally, British Prime Minister, Theresa May was against Brexit which might explain why she concocted a ‘Brexit Plan’ which would never be accepted in the UK. Why ‘BREXIT’? Europe robs its member countries of control over their own affairs.

Every day foreigners flee from their own chaotic countries and invade a defenseless Europe. Even England gets over a quarter-million, uninvited, illegal new charity-cases every year. ‘Europe’ has become a single country, “United States of Europe” (USE) but with an unelected parliament. Their ‘laws’ dictate what each country can do and cannot do. But the real resentment of the ‘Britons’ is the fact that, already, their economy is second to Germany. After two world wars, England is free, thanks only to their own courageous resistance to the Nazis and the overwhelming power of the United States of America, and no thanks to the French, who’s leaders fled to Canada.  Now those defeated powers control the ‘USE’ and every member country therein.

Freedom for Europe from German domination lasted less that 70 years, a couple of generations. Yet many British aristocrats and their faithful followers still say ‘No Brexit’.

In case you didn’t know, the British Royal Family has German origins. They changed their name from “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha” to the English ‘Windsor’ (from “Windsor Castle”). Queen Elizabeth’s car-wrecking husband, Prince Philip, is a ‘Mountbatten’ (from his mother) and ‘Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg’ from his father. Not exactly ‘Anglo-Saxon!

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