by A.J.(Tony) Powell

Questions Not Asked-Questions Not Answered!

Q-How many Villagers are infected with the COVID 19 virus?

-Some suggest that as many as 15,600 infectious residents are mixing with their neighbors, friends and family every day!

But, facts are few!

Q-From a reader, “I would like to see the ratio of positive tests to negative tests.”

-Local news sources report only 320 Covid infections in the 32162/32162 zip-code areas.

-But another said that there are 1,460 cases in and around The Villages.

(The total number of tests in The Villages is unknown)

The State of Florida shows:-

Total Number of Tests Administered – 3,200,000

Positive Tests about 380,000.

Deaths about 5,400.

Negatives are about 2,800,000.

Q-Doesn’t that mean that about 12% of those tested are positive?

If the population of Florida is about 22,000,000.

Q-Does that means that we probably have 2.6 million people infected in Florida?

And, if the same average applies, are there about 15,600 infected Villagers?

Of course, there would be more in that part of The Villages which is located in Lady Lake/Lake County.

An area newspaper stated “Only 1% of the US population has the virus”.

Q-How can we know that until 100% (330+/- Million) have been tested?

Another study reported “6787 infections in a population of 865,000 is extremely low”.

And “If you figure the percentage of deaths to population that (calculates) to less than 2 one hundredths of a percent”.

Q-Isn’t the number of infections relative to the number of tests. Not a population which may or may not be infected?

And yet another “There are all kinds of testing areas in the Villages”.

Q-Where exactly are they? The Polo Field lasted all of one day?

As I See It, no-one really knows the ‘whole truth’.

One side suspects that the number of infections is ‘diluted’ to help the Republicans. But the Republicans insist that all case reports are complete and accurate.

Truth is that no one knows exactly how many infections and deaths have occurred in the Villages. (or anywhere else either).

Q-Who knows exactly what a N95 mask is?

Google says that they are ‘95% effective’.

Q-Does that mean that if one uninfected person is masked and the other infected person is not, then there is only a 5% chance of cross-infection?

I don’t do math, but that suggests to me that two masked people have a risk of only 0.0025%; infected or not!

Q-Does that mean that, if 330 million Americans wore a mask for a month, there would be a TOTAL of only 8250 infections and we could get back to making America Great Again?

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